30 Cannabis Companies DMG Blockchain Is Out-Earning & Why It Matters

The cannabis industry is booming right now.

Experienced investors and media personalities are calling the emerging industry a bubble due to lack of revenue and lofty expectations, often comparing it to the Dotcom bubble.

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Profitability: Rec vs. Medical Cannabis

In many countries around the world, taking a “hit” of marijuana is still prohibited and the sale of weed is considered a criminal activity. However, recent changes in law, medical science, and public perception has made Marijuana the next big business.

From what used to be seen as a legal and social problem, marijuana is now evolving into a billion-dollar industry due to recent findings about its safe and beneficial use for recreation and medicinal purposes.

The idea of legally cultivating, manufacturing, transporting, and selling marijuana was simply unthinkable a few decades back. During the 1970s, marijuana was considered a “Schedule 1” drug, or a substance that was given the highest level of prohibition in the United States. All that has changed with California’s Proposition 64.

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The Top 5 Most Cannabis Friendly & Unfriendly Countries in the World

Cannabis has been a hot topic in cultures around the world for centuries. You can walk around smoking a blunt in some towns, while others will punish you harshly for even discussing drugs. Look at the U.S. - even with a legal state-issued medical card, you can’t bring your medication across state lines or even through a Border Patrol stop.

If cannabis is important to you (and it should be), here are the countries that are most friendly and most staunchly opposed to this miracle plant.

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If Big Banks Don’t Solve These 4 Problems Fintech Companies Could Make Them Obsolete

Banks are like religions, people are often born into them.

The usual story is: at age 13 the parents bring their early teen to their bank to set up a chequing account and by age 19 the teen gets a credit card with the bank and the lifelong bond begins. This has been true for generations, especially in a country in Canada where there are only a handful of regulated banks that dominate the space.

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A Brief Snapshot of Day 1 of Cannabis Legalization

Canadians came out in droves on October 17th for the first day of legal cannabis in Canada. Although the weed market was down on Wednesday, consumers were lined up around the country to get their first taste of legal cannabis.

Here is a quick look at 5 of the Canadian provinces on day 1 of cannabis legalization.

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5 Reasons Why Desert Hot Springs Could Be the Silicon Valley of Cannabis Industry

Desert Hot Springs in California has the potential to turn into the Silicon Valley of Cannabis industry.

It is fast becoming a local hub for the booming pot enterprise. Marijuana market research company Arcview Group said this state comprise over ¼ of legal pot sales in all 50 American states and Canada.

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Pesticides Are Damaging the Legal Cannabis Industry; The Solution? Something From the Desert

Healthy consumption of cannabis starts with natural growing practices, something certain companies have been ignoring, this has proven to be costly.

There have been numerous recalls by Health Canada due to banned pesticides found in the Cannabis LP’s product. Today, more than ever people are informed on what is in their food, supplements and drugs, namely pesticides and dangerous chemicals.

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How Beating 90% Of People In the Stock Market Doesn’t Need To Involve Skill

The house always wins.

The stock market is not a casino, but the process was not designed for smaller retail investors to get rich. It was built for the founders and people who got in early to take the gains on the backs of laggards buying on the hype of an upswing.  This is part of the reason why Benjamin Graham estimated that around 90% of people lose money in the stock market in his monumental investment book The Intelligent Investor.

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The Cannabis IPO Craze: Canopy Rivers vs. Australis

Last week the cannabis industry saw two very similar IPO's that both generated a lot of hype. Top cannabis dogs brought their investment arms public last week; Canopy (WEED.T) through Canopy Rivers (RIV.T), and Aurora (ACB.T) through Australis. (AUSA.C). In the era of the Tilray, TGOD and Charlotte's Web IPO's, cannabis companies going public that have promotion dollars behind them generate tons of excitement.

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Today Was A Strange Day In the Cannabis Sector

At different points of the day, two cannabis stocks: Tilray and Australis were both halted and both saw ridiculous highs and lows. For Tilray, we wrote a piece outlining its low float share structure where one man owns around 75 million of the 90 million shares out, using supply and demand in the companies favour. Australis on the other hand was a hyped IPO that did a recent financing at $0.25 and opened at $10.00, the selloff was inevitable. 

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Why BAM is Still Undervalued, Even After a +96.9% Month

Yesterday we wrote a piece outlining how Ohio,  America's 7th most populated state was moving towards legalization of recreational cannabis. Since 2016 the state has implemented a medical marijuana program, issued dispensary, processing and production licenses and is set to vote in Q4 of 2019 for full the legalization of cannabis.

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Top 3 Undervalued Cannabis Royalty & Streaming Cannabis Companies

Cannabis streaming and royalty companies give investors a chance he risko invest in multiple companies within the cannabis sector that they would not have access to otherwise. There are similarities and differences between the two models that will be outlined in this piece.

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The 7th Most Populated US State Is Moving Towards Cannabis Legalization

Ohio, the 7th most populated US state 11.66 million people is taking steps in legalizing cannabis. The Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative may appear on the ballot in Ohio as an initiated constitutional amendment as early as Q4 of 2018. The measure would legalize the use, possession, and sale of marijuana for persons age 21 or older in Ohio. In the meantime, medical dispensary and processing licenses are being awarded to a select group of companies.

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S3 Report: The High Cost of Shorting Cannabis Stocks

A recent S3 study shows that cannabis short sellers have had a rough couple of months, down $626 million the report says. Tilray (TLRY.Q) and Canopy (WEED.T) shorters are the deepest in the water.

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Is This the Start Of Aurora’s Next Bull Run? Coca Cola Looks Into CBD Drinks

This morning it was reported that Coca Cola (KO.N) is in serious talks with Aurora Cannabis to develop a CBD based drink.  According to BNN,  Coca Cola and Aurora (ACB.T) would likely develop beverages that will ease inflammation, pain and cramping. It's highly likely that Coca Cola are in talks with multiple cannabis companies.

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A Closer Look Into the Weird World of Sean Dollinger & Namaste Technologies

It's been a rough week for Namaste Technologies (N.V) after Tilray backed out their deal with the company on Friday when a shareholder pledge party broke a couple of laws laid out in the Cannabis Act. The general sentiment from Namaste shareholders was that the pledge party was a pretty stupid idea, one that they paid for. This is Namaste's CEO Sean Dollinger's first run at a pubco, and he has made some pretty large blunders thus far.

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The Hype Is Huge On Canopy Rivers IPO This Week

Canopy Rivers (RIV) is the venture arm of Canopy Growth (WEED.T) set to go public this week. The IPO price back in June was $3.50. But, based on market changes since then, on opening day, it could be as high as $5.00. Many investors will be lined up aftering watching what happened recently after the Tilray (TLRY.Q), Charlott'es Web (CWEB.C)  and Martello Technologies (MTLO.C) IPO.

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Top 5 News Stories In Cannabis This Week (September 14th/2018)

The market jumped on the buying opportunity this morning with over 48 million shares traded as of 2:45 PM EST. MTLO opened at $0.485 and closed at $1.11. Canopy has been one of the hottest cannabis stocks over the past few years and has gotten even more attention after a 5 billion dollar investment from Constellation Brands.

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Canopy CEO’s New Tech Stock Is Up 152% Today

Yesterday Canopy Growth (WEED.T) CEO Bruce Linton went on BNN to talk about his involvement in the brand new tech stock Martello (MTLO.C). Shares of Martello, which now trades under the symbol MTLO, opened at $0.50 on Wednesday morning, giving the firm a valuation around $85.9 million. Martello completed an RTO of a Vancouver-based shell company to achieve its listing on the TSX Venture Exchange.

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Charlotte’s Web & Tilray Both Have Insane Charts For the Same Reason

Ever since Tilray's IPO back in July the stock has gone absolutely nuts. On paper Tilray is a solid company compared to many other cannabis companies, but a PB/V North of 200 is crazy. With a current market cap of $9.6 billion, to say it's inflated is an understatement.

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Supreme Is Still On Fire

Today Supreme (FIRE.C) announced a supply agreement with Tilray (TLRY.Q). The value of this initial supply agreement is estimated to be in excess of $2 million.  Dried cannabis provided to Tilray by Supreme subsidiary 7ACRES will be used primarily to support medical cannabis patients in Canada, including Tilray's robust patient population.

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Is Aurora A Buy At These Prices, Or Have They Burnt Out?

Today Aurora (ACB.T) announced the acquisition of Uruguay based cannabis company ICC Labs (ICC.C). Aurora intends to acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares of ICC for $1.95 per share equalling a purchase price of approximately $290 million.

Aurora will be getting a multitude of benefits from this deal and still their stock has only moved 0.7% as of 11:45 AM EST today.

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Tilray’s Financial Ratios Make No Sense; Why This Is the Most Overvalued Cannabis Stock

Yesterday Citron Research announced that it was shorting Tilray, naming it the most expensive stock in the cannabis space. Last week Citron came out stating an aggressive short position against Cronos which we wrote two articles about.

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