Do You Even SEDAR? The Beginners Guide to Actually Researching Stocks (With Photos)

SEDAR and SEDI may be three of the worst designed sites on the internet, but they are crucial. This piece will focus mostly on SEDAR and how to find information on Canadian public companies.

Investor decks and press releases are useful, but these are carefully crafted marketing materials that companies use to put the absolute best sales pitch together. To dig deeper into what’s actually going on, a company’s MD&A and Financial reports are far more important. These are found on SEDAR. Whenever an a company insider sells stock, it will be recorded on SEDI.

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UPDATE: Cronos Bouncing Back After Its Week In Hell

This morning Cronos (CRON.Q) shot out of the gate hitting a high of $13.42, up from $11.50 on the open, and is sitting at $12.68 with 12.2 million shares as of 1:42 PM EST.

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HIKU Shareholders Approve The Canopy Deal, Stock will Cease Trading Friday

Today Hiku (HIKU.C) announced that their shareholders voted in favour of Canopy's acquisition of Hiku. This means that Hiku's stock will cease trading starting this Friday. The required shareholder approval thresholds were met

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Cronos Plummets 28% As Infamous Shorters Release Vague Report

Today Citron Research came out with a vague shorting report on Cronos (CRON.N), giving them a price target of $3.50 . The market ate it up and Cronos dropped 28% on 22 million shares traded. Claiming Cronos is overvalued at this point is a valid argument.

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Cannabis Companies Flooding Onto the NASDAQ: Cronos, Tilray & Namaste

Back in May 2018, Cronos (CRON.Q) became the first cannabis company to be listed on the NASDAQ. Earlier this week Tilray (TLRY.Q) also joined as the first cannabis company to do an IPO on the major US exchange. Tilray managed to raise $201.5 million USD on opening day.

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